Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shell 1:38 Ferrari - Part 4 (Play mat)

Well, it come to the last review of the 2009 Shell 1:38 scaled Ferrari collection. This time, I'll showcase the race track like play mat that offers by Shell in line with the Ferrari mini car promotion. The whole play mat package comes with the following items:
- play mat
- decorators
- printed user manual
- showcase CD.
As shown above, it's a pretty huge track.
The 5 models with intelligent navigation allow you to race on the track.

Challenge yourself to find out which Ferrari would make to the finish line with the fastest time!

The track tour
Let me do it a little different this time. In line with the raising the curtain of the 2009 F1 season in Melbourne today, I'm gonna show you the awesome power of the Ferrari F1 on this 7KM race track. Therefore the F2008 challengers are 360 GTC, FXX Evo. (Note: The pull back 2 speed F2008 may not be ideal for this race track).

From Left: 360 GTC, FXX EVO and the F2008 driven by kimi Raikkonen.

The 420HP 360 GTC hit the track first and accelerate off....

10 seconds later the 850HP FXX EVO speed away from the starting line...

wow! awesome power of that FXX! it quickly close up the gap to the 360 GTC.

Oh dear! oh dear... the 850 HP monster is running out of fuel.... and stop for fuel... the race is over? - it's time to test the pit crews....

Great job from the pit crew... it took less than 5 seconds to add sufficient fuel for the FXX to the finish line.

... Kimi Raikkonen speed off from the starting line... can he catch the 360 and FXX before the finish line?

The 360 is approaching the last corner of the track and look, the FXX and F2008 is catching up fast....

oh! no... the FXX lead from the 360 GTC and heading to the finish line... and closely follow by Kimi Raikonnen.... can he do it?

oh! yes the F2008 crossed the line first, closely follow by the FXX and 360 GTC took the 3rd place...

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