Friday, March 20, 2009

2007 GT300 Champion - APR MRS #101

Driven by: Kazuya Oshima and Hiroaki Ishiura.

Won the 2007 GT300 drivers title with magnificent display of driving from start to checkered flag - a dramatic ending as they pipped their closest rival #2 Cars Tokai Dream28 - levelled on points (89 a piece) but with most win.

Words from the drivers and manager after the last race.

Kazuya Ohshima:
We were able to win the title by finishing 2nd here today, but our rivals were really strong this year. We had a hard battled with the Shinden (No. 2) team, and I am really happy that we were able slip by to beat them. The whole team worked as one from the beginning this year to win the title. I think that we owe this result to the fact that we fought hard in every round of this year's season. From now on I want to do the same and battle hard every round.

Hiroaki Ishiura:
Things went well in the first half of this season but after that we had a difficult time. We had some bad luck and we were unable to get the results we wanted in the second half and our rivals caught up with us. Then for the final round Michelin developed some new tires for us, and the engine tuner also prepared us a special engine. I think we were a good combination as drivers too. I feel that this is a title we all won together. We won this title because everyone gave 100%, and that makes me really happy.
Manager Makoto Goto
It would have been nice if I could have come here [to the winners press conference] with the drivers. It is not an easy feat to finish second in the drivers title race for the second year in a row with the same point total (laughs). It is an unfortunate result, but the contents of our racing this season was very good, I believe. This is our second year with this new team makeup using Shinden and with these drivers. I didn't expect us to do this well and come this far in just two years. And now we have won the team title. I hope that next year I can come here [press conference] with our two drivers.
The MRS were last seen in Super GT scene in round 9 last year and are replaced by Toyota Corolla Axio in the upcoming 2009 season... here are some photo of the newcomer.

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