Monday, January 24, 2011


The look SL65 AMG Black Series is the sexiest offering from AMG. I personally like the front light design, compare to those round little ball in previous generation of Mercedes cars e.g. SLR. Can the 700 plus Bi-Turbo matched the mighty Corvette ZR1? I hope top gear to do such comparison one day.



I never thought of picking up any SLS AMG miniature model when I saw it appeared on the net few years back. Which at that time Minichamps was making the dealer editions for Mercedes Benz, with only Black or Orange edition color variation available. The orange version was costing a bomb, which is part of the reason, I shut my door. On the other hand the black SLS was not appealing to me. But things changed, since I saw the TV commercial! the RED SLS stunning crossed (the SLS driver able to drove on the ceiling) the men at work in the tunnel! (So called driven by Michael Schumacher).

Friday, January 21, 2011


I've been searching high and low for a descent C63 AMG for quite sometime and finally decided to get the one from Schuco - the Mercedes Benz dealer edition. Quite descent finishing I rate it 4/5 star. But was forced to pay a premium price for this rare item (in 1/43 scaled).

He..he..he.. I have other intention for getting this car. You'll find out soon in first quarter of 2011.