Saturday, December 12, 2009

Aston Martin Racing DBR9 #009 2008 LM GT1 Winner

I like to collect models in pair. Be it 2 cars from the same team or rival team. It gives me whole different meaning to pick up them in pair... plus these two cars were the 2008 & 2009 LM GT1 winners respectively. What a great fun!!!

After picked the Corvette, now it's time to show you the C6.R main rival... The Aston Martin DBR9.
If you are a LM GT1 fan you won't want to miss this stunning Spark model.
It never easy to find past released Spark models. It took me a while to settle with this one. There was absolutely no chance you can find one with descend price tag around evil bay. Finally found this one from a great seller.

With two great drivers, David Bradham & Darren Turner name printed on it is like adding icing on a cake.

There you go, one of my favorite GT1 race car 2008 AMR DBR9 #009 LM GT1 ...

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