Thursday, April 16, 2009

R34 GTR - Grand Turismo

Got this car nearly two months... hardly have spare time to take photos, since the arrival of my baby girl, Bernice. Bought it cause it's stunning livery, so unique if compare to an average AA 1/43 R34... really like the Grand Turismo logo... satisfied with overall the finishing.


fuminari said...

yeah, definately one of the best collection i ever owned. too bad 1/18 AA is a bit hard to find in M'sia. I got all my AA 9only 3 :P) from singapore due to variety choice available there.

RealCollector said...

Good day! I'm totally agree... it's never been easy for M'sia collectors to source for premium scaled model cars locally. The closing down of NIKKO shops in Malaysia will make collection even more difficult... I'm now buying 100% depend on overseas sellers.