Sunday, April 26, 2009

50th car milestone

Looking back, my first 1/43 car was bought from Japan about 10 months ago. It was a Kyosho yellow Lamborgini Diablo GT... In fact I bought this model by mistake - didn't read the item description. Expecting the black GTS version (the online store shown the wrong photo)... Though didn't get the GTS version, I'm equally happy with this fine Kyosho model.

I'm a great fan of Ebbro model. In my opinion, ebbro models are value for money. Great quality at very reasonable price.

I do collect IXO models too. IXO produced handful of both classic and modern Le Mans race cars.

My small collection of F1 cars...
Some Aussie V8 supercasrs and AutoArts as well.
And Minichamps, Spark, Hotwheels, Vitesse and out of production ONYX models...

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