Friday, November 14, 2008

Cusco Subaru Impreza GT300

Got the model yesterday. It's the 2007 SuperGT Cusco Subaru Impreza that raced in GT300 class. Well, been searching for this model for quite sometime, finally get it at very reasonable price....
Actually I doubt the ability of the Subaru Impreza when competing with the faster car like Nissan Fairlady Z Type E, Lamborghini MURCIELAGO R-G1, PORSCHE 996GT3RS, VEMAC 408R and FERRARI F360. I thought the Impreza WRX is only designed to race in rally competitions (never seen in racing in GT before)... The Cusco Racing won the Malaysian GT300 this year and it quickly grab my attention.... this is a great car that run by a good racing team and driven by proven race winners.... I tell myself must add one to my collection!!!

Here's some facts about the Cusco racing team....

CUSCO RACING is now back in the 2006 Super GT Championship, and competing in GT300 class starting from Rd. 5 Sport land SUGO on July 22nd-23rd, after 10month of R&D for brand new racing machine.

Brand new CUSCO SUBARU ADVAN IMPREZ is the first ever AWD GT car with Transaxle gearbox And there had been no participation of AWD racing car for Super GT/JGTC for 10years, after the Skyline GT-R in 1996.

Development of our 2006 machine was started 1 year ago. Until the end of 2005, we were the only Subaru competing in Super GT/JGTC, and the machine was RWD to avoid the weight increase. On 2006 model, we had successfully lessened the weight by developing new body and chassis, and re-designing the roll cage. Now, brand new 2006 machine had gained the advantage of traction by far from 2005 RWD model, and the identity of SUBARU Impreza, which has symmetrical AWD system.

Exterior design is still almost the same as 2005 model, but Front fender and Rear wing was re-designed considering the Aero dynamics and air drag.

Engine is tuned by STi (Subaru Technica International) as we have done in past years. STi had added their experiences in WRC, and succeeded to add the Low RPM torque, improve Anti-lug system (miss-firing system) and minimize the fuel consumption. Surprisingly, Exhaust pipe is located in front of the Front left tire.

Almost everything except for the original chassis and engine was designed and developed by Carrosser/CUSCO Racing in house, including AWD gearbox and Suspension. Both Front and Rear suspension are changed to inboard type double wishbone type, and Wheelbase is extended from 2525mm in 2005 model, into 2540mm, which is same as SUBARU Impreza WRX STi SpecC.

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