Friday, November 14, 2008


Another recent addition to my collection... the Hotwheels elite Ferrari FXX...
Some fun facts about the Ferrari FXX:
There have been only 32 FXX built since it debuted in 2005. All but two have been sold to a specific clientele at $2,000,000. For this, owners get to drive their FXX on special track days at Ferrari, so they can provide data-monitoring and telemetry Ferrari technicians can use to build the future Ferraris.

One of these two unsold FXX cars was kept by Ferrari. The other was bestowed upon Michael Schumacher upon his retirement. His is different in several ways. It has a unique black finish with no stripe; wheels are trimmed in red; exhaust tips are matte finish, not chrome; the number 30 appears on the doors; and the seats feature Schumacher’s personal insignia.

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