Saturday, August 28, 2010

Audi motorsports - Part 2

Really sorry about delaying on my post. How I wish there are 48 HR in a day or skipping sleep without feeling tired...

Ok! got this finely crafted model by Spark months ago. It's Audi 2009 #1 R15 that compete in Le Mans 24 HR. It failed to repeat it's predecessor (R10) achievement of winning the 2009 race. Thus beaten by the winner Peugeot HDI FAP by 6 laps and finished third in the overall result. Not a bad achievement for the new car to taste the challenge of demanding Le Mans 24 HR race.  


Kin said...

Hi RC,

Spark really good in detailing & just look at the craftmanship.
Just awesome & beautifull casting.

"Congratul...& happy for you".


RealCollector said...


Hi, thanks for your positive comments... Yeap, I totally agree with you. In my opinion, Spark is among the best in 1/43 budget range (below US$60). Most of Spark models are really details and nicely crafted. But they do have week points, these small parts tend to be very fragile, extra precaution are needed when you want to take these gem out for photography... Honestly, about 70% of my collection in 2010 are Spark models... I have given up ixo models to make room for Spark.

So do visit here more often for my Spark models showcase. Cheers!