Saturday, August 21, 2010

Audi in motorsports

Recalled, when I first saw Audi race car was nearly 15 years back. That was when Frank Biela make his name in BTCC with the Audi A4. 
To me Audi is a brand that gives everything they have to excel in every motor-sports they involved. Two of the notably great achievements were, rank second manufacturer (after Porsche) for the most Le mans 24 HR win and also setting new record for most consecutive win in DTM.

Since started collection 1/43 scaled models. Audi race cars are my top priority (after Ferrari). Unfortunately, I'm not a fanatic collectors who pick up anything that come along. In that case I would have tonnes of Audi classic cars already. 

My first Audi is the R10 TDI.. I'm sure everyone knows how good is this machines. It had broken so many endurance race records since it's introduction... A excellence piece of engineering by Audi...

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Kin said...

Hi RC,

You really a superb royal fan to Audi.
I also a big. big fan of Audi & VW marque.They just mighty awesome.

"Beautiful Collection".