Thursday, November 26, 2009

2009 a great Motor sports season...

Well, the 2009 motor sports season have concluded in recent weeks. Despite the globe is hitting by economic crisis, 2009 was nothing less than an exciting season. There were many surprise but great achivement in competitions like (just to name a few of my favorite racing competition)
* Who would have thought Brawn GP & Jensen Button could be 2009 F1 Champion? before the 2009 season started.

* How could the #1 Nismo GT-R failed to defend it's title in the last round after dominated most races in the 2009 SuperGT season

* Lexus won both GT500 and GT300 championship in Super GT.

* Why Mikko Hirvonen lost the WRC lead to Sebastian Loeb in the very last few stages in the final round of WRC?

* Peugeot FAP HDI grab top 2 finishes in the Le Mans 24 HR endurance racing...

* Audi set new record by won three consecutive DTM title (2007, 2008 & 2009) in a row.

* SEAT retained it's WTCC title.

* Sebastian Loeb took his 6th WRC title.

I'm now looking forward to another great 2010 season. What to watch?

* Nissan GT-R GT1 spec will make it debut FIA GT season in 2010. Can it competes with the mighty Corvette in the GT1 class?

* Can Audi R15 take back the title from Peugeot in the legendary Le Mans 24 HR race?

* Can AMR Lola LMP1 challenge it's diesel counterparts (R15 & FAP HDI) in Le Mans 24 HR?

* Can Hirvonen stop Sebastian Leob from taking another WRC title

* Can Fernando Alonso brings Ferrari another F1 champhionship?

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