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The purpose of the SCCA Pro Racing SPEED World Challenge Championships is to provide teams, manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers a competitive production-based race series in which to prove their products.

Cars that have been homologated for competition in the World Challenge Series are eligible for a full-year of competition from the time it is homologated, until that particular body style has been out of production throughout the world for five (5) years. After a body style has been out of production for five (5) years, it may continue to compete in no more than four (4) races per year with a single driver, for an additional (5) years.

High Performance Racing in Everyday Cars

In addition to the general series rules that apply to all homologated vehicles, each vehicle model that is homologated into the World Challenge Series has a set of specifications assigned to it on a Vehicle Technical Specification sheet (VTS) in order to give equivalent overall performance capabilities to a wide range of vehicles. Adjustments to a vehicle’s VTS sheet will be made until a competitive package is developed. Vehicles may be submitted for homologation up to a year before it goes on general sale to the public, and until that particular bodystyle goes out of production throughout the world.

Rewarding of Equalizing Weight Assigned to Reduce Driver Sensitivity, commonly referred to as “REWARDS Weight,” is a weight equalization system based on the addition and subtraction of ballast weight based on the finishing position of individual drivers in the previous race(s). The goal of the REWARDS System is to provide close on-track competition between a diverse variety of cars in the top third of the field. REWARDS System weight adjustments are in effect for the next race in which a driver competes in the same class.

This system allows car/driver combinations not currently affected by the REWARDS System to remove 25 lbs from their vehicle’s Appendix A base weight, to a maximum of -100 lbs, if they finish outside of the top 50 percent of finishing positions. Weight is added back on in 25 lb. increments each time they finish in the top 40 percent of finishing positions until they reach their vehicle’s Appendix A base weight. If a car/driver combination finishes in a top five position, it will move out of the Team Compensation program and into the REWARDS System for the next race. The purpose of the Team Compensation Weight is to provide close on-track competition between a diverse variety of cars and drivers in the lower half of the field.

Dodge Viper Competition Coupe (Bob Woodhouse SCCA 2004)


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