Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hatsune Miku BMW Z4 comes back stronger to GT 300 for 2009 season!

Aims for the top finishes with fans and improved team...

On February 14th, one of the hottest topic of SUPER GT's 2008 season, "Itasha" SUPER GT machine "Hatsune Miku Studie GLAD BMW Z4," officially announced its entry into 2009 season and their new team structure in Akihabara, Tokyo. The team will be fielding a BMW Z4 with two drivers, Yasushi Kikuchi and Shozo Tagahara, which retains the same combination from last year, but, according to the announcement, the team structure and the German car went under a major improvement.

The team is newly named "Studie GLAD Racing," and has recruited experienced staff including an engineer who has served as the chief engineer at a victorious GT300 team. "We had a lot of issues last year since it was a newly build team. But most of the issues have been resolved, so drivers can't make excuses any more (laugh). I will put all my effort to finish at as higher position as possible." The BMW driver Kikuchi revealed his aspiration for the new season.In addition, the team will be backed with a strong support for the season. By following back Hatsune Miku's path to the stardom, the team looked to the Internet for personal sponsors and an amazing 693 fans have offered support for the team. Team Manager Yasuaki Suzuki commented on his goal for this season, "I know it's not easy to finish in top group right away, but we will take on whatever we need to do one by one to meet everybody's expectation."

Hatsune Miku Studie GLAD BMW Z4 with new 2009 season car...

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