Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Corolla to compete in GT300!

A big WOW! from me... I can't imagine the world favourite family saloon car capable to compete in GT300 with the muscles machines like Lamborghini Murchielago, Gallardo, Ferrari F430, Porsche GT3, Vemac 408R. Like the Corolla AE86, could the Corolla Axio become the new giant killer?

Road car - version
In order to revive the Toyota Corolla's sporty image back in the 70's and 80's, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) will be launching a turbo version of their Corolla Axio sedan come February 2009.
The "GT" version of the Corolla Axio (NZE141-AEMNK) will be powered by an Intercooled turbo charged version of the 1NZ-FE 1.5L VVT-i I4 engine, with a specially tune ECU producing around 150hp @ 6000rpm and 145lb-ft @ 4800rpm. The 2560 lbs chassis is upgraded with a TRD Sportivo full suspension, an upgraded clutch pack for the 5 speed transmission and full body aero parts. A set of 17x7 TRDTF4 aluminum wheels on 215/45 tires and larger brakes completes the package.The Corolla GT one make race will be held on July 2009 at Fuji Speedway.


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Holy !!!!! my goodness a corolla!!!

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RealCollector said...

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