Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 the begining...

Hi fellow collectors... 2008 was a long busy hunting year for me, I managed to add more than 40 cars into my 1/43 collections. Now it's 2009, a new start of course. I wonder if I can continue to spend BIG like the year before. As recession is hitting the globe.... we need to be very selective in making purchase..... spend wisely with our hard earn income.... Be a smart collector.... Happy New Year!!!


Starscream said...

Are you a big Audi fan? Well, I read about the new year post and even if we cannot buy too many diecast in 2009, the ones that we got are always good for keeps and to re-visit with new photos, dusting them off and maybe customising a couple =)

RealCollector said...

Good day! Yeap! I love the four rings, race car in particular. Recalled, the A4 (driven by Frank Biela) that competed in BTCC during between 1997 ... was absolutely stunning... Audi finised second overall in the championship in its first BTCC season!

I agree... its always better to reserve some cash during the bad economy... as we don't know what's gonna happen next... hopefully for a better tomorrow... Cheers!!