Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lamborghini Race Car Collection - Part 4

Gallardo - 2007 SuperGT Triple A GT300

The Lamborghini Gallardo #66 was raced in 2007 SuperGT GT300 series. Run by team JLOC, the Gallardo #66 didn't have a good racing year. Drivers Naohiro Furuya and Muneyuki Kurihara only managed 2 points after raced in 9 rounds in GT300 series. Therefore finished 29th position in the team ranking.

Ebbro 1/43: Well, there are very limited Lamborghini Gallardo race car to choose from out there. As far as I know only Minichamps & Ebbro do produce them in 1/43 scaled. Unfortunately the Minichamps 1/43 is beyond my reach. Therefore, I bought this little beauty from ebbro instead.

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