Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ferrari Challenger - Part 2

Pagani Zonda R

It's been a hot topic among motor racing enthusiasts since Pagani announced the Zonda R project in early 2007. Like Ferrari FXX, the Zonda is purpose made for track use, without restrictions of any competition rules or homologation, with the only exclusion of the passengers' integrity, where no compromise is tolerated according to Pagani philosophy and state-of-the-art safety measures are featured.

A new heart
The engine is built by the racing specialists at Mercedes AMG, where the championship winning DTM cars are born,as well as the CLK GTR, probably the most devastating and effective weapon ever to compete in the GT series. From it's engine the Zonda R borrows the basic architecture including an ingenious dry sump allowing a low centre of gravity. This self-supporting engine with 750 hp at 8000 rpm and 710 Nm of torque carries a lightweight carbon fibre highperformance intake system, a racing multiple disc sintered clutch and Formula 1 style exhaust system, hydroformed in Inconel 625 and ceramic coated for optimal heat dissipation. The power unit combined with a 6 speed transversal manual sequential synchronised gearbox is designed to satisfy the most ambitious drivers.

The chassis
The central carbon chassis will incorporate a roll cage and a rubber racing fuel tank with 4 fuel pumps and quick refuelfiller like on GT race cars. The wheelbase has been increased by 47mm to offer the best stability. The front and rear subframes are brand-new, built to accommodate a new suspension geometry, produced in avional. The magnesium forged rimswith central wheel nut and a quick pneumatic lifting system allows fast and effortless changes of the slick tyres.

Bodywork and aerodynamics
The new bodywork has been honed to offer elevated downforce even in low speed corners. The longer front bonnet with flaps, closed underbody and the rear overhang with the adjustablerear wing and race derived diffusor translate into shattering aerodynamic efficiency and will let you experience cornering speeds beyond imagination. The car displays and logs information about the amount of dowforce that the car is generating at each moment. Combined with the adjustable wings you can easily find the best setup for each track.

The interior is designed to accommodate the driver and passenger in bespoke seats, built to offer the best support, when the G-forces from the vehicle dynamics come into question. The Digitek instrumentation provides the essential information and a sophisticated telemetry allows through a variety of sensors to monitor every single component of the car.

Technical Data
Type V12 - M120
V - angle 60°
Displacement 5987 ccm
Stroke 80,20 mm
Bore 89,00 mm
Valves per cilinder 4
Horse Power 750
Power output 551 KW at 7.500 1/min
Torque output 710 Nm
Aspiration Single throttle bodies, mechanically operated
Lubrification Dry sump with separate oil tank
Firing order 1-12-5-8-3-10-6-7-2-11-4-9

Ferrari FXX

The FXX is the most advanced GT ever created at Maranello and its mission is to involve Ferrari’s most valued Clients as genuine Prancing Horse Test Drivers in their own right. The wealth of data and experience gathered in the course of this very special programme will be exceptionally important.

In fact, the feedback from these highly skilled, non-professional Client Test Drivers will be compared and supplemented with suggestions from Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello and Ferrari’s professional in-house Test Drivers.

Every Client who signs up for the FXX project by purchasing one of the estimated 20 or so cars being built, will actually be joining Team Ferrari,and will have his driving experiences at the wheel of this new car monitored directly by the Prancing Horse’s technicians and specialists.

The FXX has not been homologated for road use and thus will not be a competition model. It will be used exclusively on the track as part of a specific ongoing research and development programme featuring this first ever group of Client Test Drivers.

Ferrari's FXX gets the schuey touch

schuey leading the way...

Michael Schumacher has helped Ferrari to upgrade its on-track-only FXX customer supercar
Seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher has helped Ferrari to upgrade its on-track-only FXX customer supercar to make it easier to drive and cut a minimum of two seconds off a typical lap time at the Fiorano test track.

The changes have been developed in conjunction with Schumacher and are in response to feedback from a lucky group of invited owners who have participated in the FXX programme which Ferrari established in 2005.

Ferrari will use the revamped car in an extension of the programme into 2008 and 2009.The FXX, which Ferrari says is the most advanced GT it has yet created, isn’t homologated for road use and there are no plans to race it.

The FXX is designed exclusively for track driving as part of a specific research and development programme using a selected group of just over 20 customers.

In the past two years, they have taken part in 14 group test sessions and 14 private ones.
FXX cars covered 16,500 kilometres in 2006 and 18,500 in 2007, and data gathered has been used to develop the modifications made to the 2008/2009 car.

The changes have focused on honing its aerodynamics, running gear and electronics. Schumacher joined the client test drivers several times.

Ferrari engineers have developed a kit which will cut the FXX’s lap time at Ferrari’s test track at Fiorano to under one minute 16 seconds.Previously it was one minute 18 seconds.

The FXX’s 6262cc V12 engine now develops 860bhp at 9500rpm.

Gearshifts take 60 milliseconds, a drop of 20 milliseconds on the previous time.The gear ratios have been adapted to make use of the extra 1000rpm now delivered by the engine.

The FXX’s new traction control system, developed in close collaboration with GES Racing Division engineers, gives the driver a choice of ninesettings (plus the off position) which are selected using a switch on the central tunnel.

This means that the driver really can modify the car’s behaviour on the track from corner to corner, just as the Formula 1 drivers do tomaximise performance and reduce tyre wear. The FXX’s traction control is also now less invasive and more flexible, adapting more efficiently to the individual driving style of each driver – a requirement pinpointed when what Ferrari describes as “this very extreme car” was being driven on the track by non-professional drivers.

The FXX’s specially developed 19-inch Bridgestone tyres now last longer thanks to a new car set-up and new front suspension geometry.

The Brembo brakes, which have large Composite Ceramic Material (CCM) discs, are more efficient, and the brake pads last twice as long.

New aerodynamics are designed to increase downforce over the rear axle. They include a new rear diffuser and rear flaps. Ferrari says the changes have increased aerodynamic efficiency by 25 per cent.

Invited customers buy into the FXX evolution package, which includes participation in six track events a year – two in North America, two in Europe and two in Asia.

At the tracks, cars will be tended by a 15-member factory team of engineers, electronics experts and mechanics.

Clients can also organise private individual track sessions in their cars.

So, which car do you think is faster? Ferrari FXX or Pagani Zonda R?


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

oohhh the thought of the zonda crossed my mind, shucks close but no cigar hehe!

ok, i still can't answer which one is faster because, I'm just relying on the power laps at "Top Gear" and they only tested the Pagani Zonda F and no "R" yet, or the FXX too.

but definitely these 2 cars are on the top of my list! :-)

mike said...

cool Zonda & FXX! btw i saw the new 1:43 Elite Red FXX Evoluzione release in HK. plan to add in?

RealCollector said...

mike: so glad you are here.... Yeap! the HW do release the Evoluzione FXX... even I heard they also add the F430 Scuderia into their 1/43 line... wow! too many choices... might choose the later one instead... cause already bought the MS FXX...