Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coming soon...

I'm still alive! But spare time is hard to come by lately... received handful of emails from fellow collectors if I'd quit collecting diecast. Thanks for your concern mate! 

It's kidda funny indeed, I was allocating 80% less budget in his hobby in 2011, to my surprise, I've splash 20% if my 2010 investment in January alone... It's hard to stop once you are hooked in this hobby.

Myke, you were right, 458 Italia is a must... I've finally got one myself. LOL!


myke said...

you got a black beauty horse! from BBR? please show more! i almost ended up getting the matt black but got my BBR (Better Buy Red) 458 Italia Red F2008 instead. :)

RealCollector said...

Hey myke what's up? Yeap it's a BBR's 458 italia. One of the major reasons why I choose BBR over HW elites is because I've got a 599XX BBR earlier. My first BBR model was giving the urge to go for more (Man! now I've to think twice before I fall into BBR trap! which might cause me 3 to four time more than standard Minichamps/ Spark models).

So I'll try to find time to upload few photos about my recent additons... There are many new additions that never have chance to share with you all here.