Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mugen Civic RR

Introducing the limited (only 300 unit worldwide) production of Honda Civic Type R that tuned by Mugen. The Mugen Civic RR just weight 1239.66 kg and Mugen tuned the already impressive FD2 engine that add another 15 bhp more compare to standard FD2, which means it has 240 bhp at 8000 rpm and 160lb-ft at 7000 rpm.


Kin said...

Hi RC,

Awesome ! Awesome & Awesome!!!

Red colour really bring out the racing heat feel.



myke said...

this is so poison! i want it in 1/18 so badly!

RealCollector said...

Kin: Thanks mate! You should pick up one too...

myke: Thanks for your comment. I do hope either AA or Kyosho going to produce the 1/18 scaled Mugen RR. I've heard too many 1/18 die-hard collectors want to get their hand on these hot cakes... Simply irresistible!

Having pick up too many JDM hot cars... now have got myself turning to fanatic... I'm considering the HPI IS-F now???