Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

As the name suggests, FXX Evoluzione is a further evolution of the FXX program that places "client test drivers" behind the wheel of developmental test beds to try out new equipments for Ferrari.

The FXX Evoluzione picks up where the "ordinary" FXX program left off, extending the program by an additional two years, based on an even more radical version of the track-only machine. With 35,000 kilometers worth of telemetry from the 20 cars, engineers compiled a series of tweaks to sharpen the car's capabilities. Output is boosted to a staggering 860 HP, redline is up to a shrieking 9,500 rpm, and shift times are down to a lightning-fast 60 milliseconds. The traction control system has been modified to be less invasive, more adaptable and can be adjusted in-cockpit on the fly between nine distinct settings from corner to corner. Suspension geometry has been modified, as has the aerodynamic package, which, along with fresh livery, accounts for a slightly different appearance compared to the previous version.

The result of all these and a few other small modifications (which you can read about in detail in the press release after the jump) means that the FXX Evoluzione can now lap the company's private Fiorano test track two seconds faster than its predecessor at 1 min 16 sec. The kit can be retrofitted to any of the 20 FXXs that took place in the program until now, and includes participation in a renewed program that will take these most extreme machines to two events each in North America, Europe and Asia (for a total of eight track events) each year over the next two years. Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but it can buy you a seat as a Ferrari test driver, which sounds like happiness to us... (Looking for van insurance? Choose the best around... go to >>>).


Fleetmaster said...

A very nice car ! COngratulations!
AS you i like very much od Ferrari, F1 and Senna !

RealCollector said...

Fleetmaster: Thanks mate! you too have handful of Ferrari in your collection... In my opinion, Ferrari cars are very collectible, they are like art - I like their look (rather than how fast they can go).